2018: The Year in Windows

I love windows. Everywhere I go, I keep searching for windows – even taking a photograph of windows which I like. I’m obsessed with windows. Windows are my favourite invention – they allow you to look at the outside world without actually having to step outside. Have you ever thought about how sad your life would be without windows? Here’s a look at 2018 through my windows, as well as some of my favourite windows that I came across over the year.

Some Windows Open Up in the Hills

The sun sets over Mussoorie: February 2018
A mist-free Mussoorie morning, September 2018
A window overlooking Mussoorie’s Mall Road, February 2018

Others Open Up into the Skies

The old quarters of Benares, May 2018.
The view from my window after a late-afternoon nap in Ooty, March 2018

Have You Met the Window Royalty?

The Hawa Mahal is all about the windows! Jaipur, February 2018.
Her Royal Highness Princess Hawa Hawai stands at a Jharokha of the Amer Fort, Jaipur. February 2018.
The seal of the Mysore royal family, March 2018
A window in one of the Jaipur palaces, February 2018
Do you feel blue? Udaipur, February 2018.

Some Windows are Lonely

A moonlit night in Landour, September 2018
The burden of a royal past. Mysore, March 2018.

Some Windows are Homely

Just before the first thunderstorm of the season. Kolkata, June 2018.
A window that signifies a temporary shelter. Mumbai, July 2018.

Then There Are The Green Windows

A 150-year-old window, Mumbai, August 2018.
The world outside is probably better than the one inside. Mumbai, October 2018.
The non-winters of Calcutta. December 2018.
A greenhouse in Ooty, March 2018.

Your Window Will Never Be This Cool!

SRK all the way! A barber-shop window in Mumbai, November 2018.

Windows That Scare You At Night

A creepy window in Benares. During the day, you can see the Ganga from here. May 2018.

The Window to Escape Reality

Is this real life? or is this just fantasy? Mumabi, August 2018.

Some Windows Taste Good

Back to my Mussoorie <3 September 2018.

My Favourite Window

A window overlooking hundreds, no, thousands of Deodar trees in the hills of Landour. September 2018.


DM me your favourite windows 🙂

Happy 2019.

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